Wisconsin: We can’t go back to Donald Trump.

We cannot afford the chaos and damage of another Trump presidency.

Your vote matters now more than ever. The stakes are too high.

Meet a few of our neighbors who are standing up and speaking out.


Anna was born and raised in Wisconsin and Michigan, a self-described midwesterner to the core. She’s married with two children and has been an OB/GYN since 2013. She has a deep commitment and motivation for maternal and child health care for both professional and personal reasons. She lost her baby at 25 weeks and quietly grieved the loss until the Dobbs decision was leaked. She was pregnant again and felt like she had to use her expertise and personal story to champion women’s health care.


Jenn is a mother working on the sales side of maternal health care. Before working on the sales side, she was a Labor & Delivery Nurse and Unit Educator for over 10 years. As a Labor & Delivery nurse, she provided reproductive care to patients for a variety of reasons. At 18 weeks of her intended and planned pregnancy, she found out that the baby would not survive past birth. She was provided with ideal care. She now has a healthy son that would not have been possible if she were forced to carry her previous pregnancy to term. She is scared because she sees anti-abortion laws becoming stricter and knows that women will not be provided the kind of care that she received.


Marsha is a retired third generation electrician. She was one of the first women in Wisconsin to get an apprenticeship and become a journeyman. She was in the trades for 40 years and passionate about women in trades and the good jobs on the way thanks to President Biden’s infrastructure bill and clean energy investments. She’s an avid outdoor enthusiast. Cross country skiing, biking, and kayaking keep her active which is great because she’s about to be a first-time grandmother.


See what Trump has said about reproductive rights, women’s health care, and more.

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